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Time for new challenges

The time has passed super fast since the time we got back from Lisbon. These weeks have been a full of challenges and big decisions and I have not yet figured out where the future will take me. At first when we landed to Helsinki-Vantaa airport and headed back to our seperate homes, I felt surreal. So much had happened in such a short period of time but everything here in Finland seemed to have stayed the same way. I had never workes in such a high class restaurant like Belcanto. In only two months I gained so much knowledge and professional skills that it felt pretty overwhelming.   I got a chance to learn about portuguese pastry culture as well as so many fascinating new techniques that I had never seen before. I appreciate that I was given a chance to participate in all the tasks of the pastry section and that I was given new challenges every day. My skills were constantly tested while I was being pushed to be better and better. I felt like every day I was facing a new chall
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All good things must come to an end.

Our last night in Lisbon we went to have dinner in Bairro ! They had planned a specific menu for us in the kitchen for our last dinner, and it was delicious. The service was great and we saw a lot of familiar faces ! :) Afterwards we had drinks that were nothing less than amazing. We said goodbye to everyone and our send-off was very warm. They made sure that we knew we'll be welcomed back anytime. We all had beers together and then we went home. Next day we cleaned up the apartment, packed our stuff, took one last walk downtown to buy some souvenirs. Then a car came to pick us up.  I sure miss miss the view from our kitchen window. The flight went by really fast. I was really emotional thinking about everything that had happened during the past two months. I've learned more than ever; about cooking. about new ingredients. about patience. about stability. about respect. about friendship. about caring. about courage and taking responsibility. about f

Last weeks !

Our last weeks in Lisbon I've been working in Beco. It's a "secret" restaurant inside Bairro Do Avillez that serves gourmet food and an incredible cabaret show. The work is very different to Pateo and Taberna. I get to work with some very nice ingredients and do nice platings ! I've been learning tons of new things and I'm feeling sad that the internship is ending soon!  It's our last full weekend in Lisbon and we try to make the best of it. On saturday we took the ferry to the other side of the river. We had squid for dinner in a local place and then we went for dessert. Afterwards I took the elevator uptown and walked to Cristo Rei and then I crossed the bridge home.  On sunday me and Riina made a daytrip to Sintra! It was pretty cool and we got super touristic... As you can see! We rented this tiny car and drove around seeing the castles and sightseeings :D We saw some incredible stuff and had a blast !  As it got dar

Back in Finland

Here we are, back at home. The two months is over and the internship is finished. I had probably the best two months ever in Lisbon. The restaurant and all the people there were amazing and i miss them already. But good for us, we all got a job offer from there! Riina is leaving already in couple weeks but me, Aleksi and Ella probably in couple months.                   It's nice to be back home to see family and all the friends and everything even the weather isn't the best. The whole experience in there was amazing and if you ever have possibility to go work abroad i really suggest it.

Final week

The final week starts tomorrow. Soon we will be back at Finland and Lisbon will be just a memory, but a really good one that i won't forget anytime soon. I really enjoyed my time here and i would love to stay. Next week our teacher Oona is coming back here, i feel like she just left and now shes already coming back.          In the other hand it will be nice to go back home to see family and all the friends.

Óla from rainy Lisboa

My week started with a nice trip to Algarve with the Belcanto team. We left early in the morning and we drove around three hours to reach the destination. Our first stop was at a salt plant plantation where we tasted different breeds and got a tour around the place. The plants were really interesting and different from anything I know. The rest of the day we spend with fish. We visited a fish factory and the fishing bay by the ocean and got a chance to witness the journey the fish go through before they end up in our plates. All the explanations were in Portuguese, of course so being the only English speaking person, I did not understand so much. Luckily I could see a lot and sometimes someone translated to me. In the end of the day we had a really tasty dinner and after that it was time to head back to Lisboa. My week at work did not start perfectly because on Tuesday I got a bad food poisoning and threw up in the middle of an evening service. I spent the next day in bed with a hig
2 weeks and we will be back at home. Can't believe how fast time has passed. I'm really gonna miss Lisbon and all the people i met. Also i'm starting to enjoy pateo much more now when i get to do the dishes and take more responsibility. Communication is still a little problem sometimes but i'm not alone in the starter station so i can always ask for help. Nothing special has happened lately, on the weekend we went to visit Cachilhas, it's on the other side of the river.